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Cette semaine :
du 25/03/2019 au 01/04/2019

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Votre semaine

Before taking your wallet or credit card out, the Moon/Jupiter duo will ask you one crucial question: do you really need what you're about to buy? You will make sure that your other half asks themselves the same question every time they go shopping without you this week...

Votre week-end

Be careful not to fall for the traps laid in front of you by the Moon/Uranus square on the sentimental front. You will be worryingly likely to make a huge mistake this weekend... You could cheat on your partner or lie to them!

Nos conseils

You're clear-headed and pragmatic as far as money is concerned... So why can't you be when it comes to your love life too? Ask yourself the following question this week: is being in a standard relationship really for me?

Votre Signe ami

Vous aimez la solidité de ce Capricorne, sa façon de régler les problèmes, sa confiance en lui qui vous redonne du courage et de l'énergie.

Le Signe à éviter

Vous aimez improviser et la Balance a déjà un planning organisé sur plusieurs mois. Horreur ! Vous avez besoin de liberté !